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# Year Session Title Category Assigned to
01.01 2019 Spring Senator Emeritus Status for Marie Boyd Academic Senate
03.01 2019 Spring Address Privacy and Rights Violation Caused by Education Code §87408 (2011) Diversity and Equity
05.01 2019 Spring Funding for Guided Pathways Transformation Budget and Finance
05.02 2019 Spring Guided Pathways Budget Development Budget and Finance
06.01 2019 Spring Oppose AB 130 (Low, as of April 10, 2019) Unless Amended State and Legislative Issues
06.02 2019 Spring Provisionally Support SB 3 (Allen, as of February 25, 2019) State and Legislative Issues
06.03 2019 Spring Provisionally SupportSB 291 (Leyva, as of March 1, 2019) State and Legislative Issues
06.04 2019 Spring Support AB 302 (Berman, as of March25,2019) and Identify Housing Assistance Representatives State and Legislative Issues
07.01 2019 Spring Improve Quality and Integrity of California Community Colleges System Data Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
07.02 2019 Spring Support for Student Parents’ Success through Campus Early Learning/Child Development Lab Schools Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
07.03 2019 Spring Request the Board of Governors Undergo Collegiality in Action Training Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
07.04 2019 Spring Systemwide Technology to Support College Ownership of Curriculum Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
07.05 2019 Spring Explore Allowing Refunds Beyond Regulatory Deadline Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
07.06 2019 Spring Accelerate Review of ADT Modifications Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
09.01 2019 Spring Course Basic (CB) 21 Rubrics for Coding Course Outcomes Curriculum
09.02 2019 Spring Adopt the Paper Noncredit Instruction: Opportunity and Challenge Curriculum
09.03 2019 Spring Documenting Open Educational Resources Options in Course Outline of Record Curriculum
09.04 2019 Spring Ensure the Accessibility of Educational Materials Curriculum
09.05 2019 Spring Support the Development of Open Educational Resources (OER) Curriculum
09.06 2019 Spring Support New Distance Education Definitions Curriculum